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My Life in Costa Rica (Part 4)

Part 4: Opportunity Knocks in Playa Panama

Hard Work and Challenges Continue in San Jose

My first year as a General Manager of a 4 stars hotel in San Jose was great but I was still traveling every day back and forth to my little home town of Atenas. It was too bad the four lane highway that now goes to Caldera wasn´t built at that time because it would have saved me 20 minutes off my ride instead of the 40 minutes from the old road that goes through the Santamaria airport and the little town La Garita.

Playas del Coco Fun Atmosphere!

Since 2020, I have been telling my clients about the high number of visitors in our area during the low season, but I never imagined that Playas del Coco would be so crowded in October and November! In previous years, the streets of our small town were empty, with only a few local Ticos or residents seen walking in the streets or spending time in the shops and bars that remain open at this time of year.

It's truly remarkable to see the crowds in downtown Coco at 3:00 in the afternoon! All the bars and restaurants are buzzing with a carnival-like atmosphere.

Las Minas de Aguacate in Desmonte Costa Rica

Although my favorite places in Costa Rica are the beaches, I also enjoy the mountainous areas of the country. Every time I visit my two children, Bianca, 12, and Jourdan, 20, who live in Atenas with my first wife, I try to find something special to do to make the most of the short time I have with them. One place that I've known and liked for over 25 years is "Las Minas del Aguacate", located in San Mateo in the Province of Alajuela. These mines were first exploited in 1821 during the gold rush, and when they were closed, the area became dotted with water pools.

Costa Rica Independence Day

Like every year, September 15 marks the celebration of Costa Rica's independence. The main attraction of this day is the parade featuring choirs from various academic institutions, composed of dancers, drummers, and a wide variety of musicians, all dressed in costumes of patriotic colors. Since it is the rainy season in Guanacaste, the event starts early in the morning. Thousands of Costa Ricans gather in Liberia to celebrate Independence Day. At 8:00 a.m., accompanied by my family, we decided to go to Liberia to attend this celebration.

Extreme Green Season

The Green Season Kicks Off

Just two weeks ago, everyone in the region was talking about the lack of rain we've had this year, but they seemed to forget about September and October. The rains over the past four days have been significant, and they could last until November 15!


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