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Although I was born in the chilly Northern lands of Montreal, Canada, I always had the dream of someday living in a warm tropical climate, full of sunshine. After experiencing several Latin countries in my youth, it was the "Rich Coast" that won my heart.

Alain Mouquet

As soon as I arrived in Costa Rica in 1990, I knew that this country offered me everything I dreamed of, an incredible temperature, friendly people, a stable democracy, a simple and rational lifestyle. My first years in the central valley of Costa Rica were incredible, personally and professionally, especially with the birth of my first two children Bianca and Jourdan, but it was especially when I moved to the Gulf of Papagayo region in 1999 that I literally felt in paradise.

The dry and warm climate of this region amazed me (on average 32° all year round), the diversity of the horseshoe-shaped beaches seduced me from my first months. Enjoying the incredible Pacific Ocean, always very accessible and calm, filled me with happiness in this unique region of the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

For more than 10 years I had the chance to manage luxury hotels in Panama and Hermosa beaches, enjoying with my family an incredible life with the opportunity to discover paradisiacal sea corners accompanied by dolphins, whales, turtles and a huge variety of exotic fish and shellfish. Our terrestrial fauna is also exuberant, with an incredible array of wild animals such as the puma, howler monkey, raccoon, hawk, fox, Jaguar, etc...

Having the only international beach airport 30 minutes away from the Papagayo region to reach the beaches of Panama, Hermosa, Coco and Ocotal was also an important asset in my choice to live in this region. All the international hotel chains are located here, showing the preference of investors to choose this wonderful place. To this commercial growth has been added an incredible number of new businesses such as tour operators, all essential services, private clinics, new schools, bars, restaurants, all at the disposal of Costa Ricans, vacationers and residents, who like me, have recognized this paradise as the best place to live happily.

Over the years the Papagayo region has developed considerably making my daily life more and more convenient and enjoyable. I have also met my wife Estrella, with whom I share moments of happiness in a very romantic tropical environment while having the comfort of a modern life! Our region of the Gulf of Papagayo is becoming more and more accessible to the needs of people like in North America. The rest of the Pacific coast, on the other hand, is also very pretty, but sometimes more complicated in terms of social life and nearby services. These are places that I visit more on vacation, always with the joy of returning to the house in Playa Hermosa. That's why I have adopted this region where I feel at home.

In 2011 I joined the real estate company "Tres Amigos" which is the most established agency in our region. Thanks to the more flexible hours this new career allows me to enjoy my family life a little more including the birth of my new little princess Samantha. The infrastructure of the past 10 years including more paved roads, fiber optic internet, increased shopping, the ease of finding almost anything, large imported product centers like the Pricemart only 30 minutes from our beaches has really increased my quality of life while keeping the Tropical atmosphere simple and down to earth.

Today in 2023 I could not imagine living anywhere else. I hope that all my friends and clients can also enjoy this paradise. My life in Costa Rica has been a beautiful story but my adventure in the Gulf of Papagayo region will always be my happiest and most "Pura Vida" moments of my life.

See you soon I hope


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