My life in Costa Rica (Part 1)

To explain why I chose Costa Rica as my country of residence we must go back 32 years. In 1988, after traveling 8 years between Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela I still could not decide where to stay either because the country was unstable or insecure, or there was not enough infrastructures or simply not very friendly! On my last attempt in vain to establish myself in Venezuela, I went to the Amazons to visit some virgin forests. Of course it was impossible to consider staying in the jungle where they was nothing there except the river, the trees and the “Mosquitos”. However during our expedition we met an Amazonian family travelling on a canoe to an island just in front of us. It was as if they were traveling very far just to go on a vacation. It was very special to see the way they were organized compare to us (our camp was a mess). They had a fire ready in 5 minutes, all the member of the family knew exactly what to do and within 30 minutes they were eating fish that they just pulled out from the Amazon River, meanwhile we were eating DORITOS and cans of Tuna fish!!!! After spending five days in the jungle with no shower, no electricity, nothing except the trillions of insects and especially because I was disappointed with my experience in Venezuela I decide to go to Costa Rica. I had read good things about this country that was being called the Switzerland of America. When I arrived in Costa Rica with my best friend of many years, we decide to go directly to downtown San Jose to a small hostel 200 meters from the cathedral. It was surrounded by all kinds of businesses and culture and we spent about 1 week partying with the locals who were very friendly people. Another thing that was unique at this time is that all the bars offered free “Tapas” with every drink served, so the more you drank the more you ate; perfect for 2 single men from Quebec who were not particularly excited to cook because we were still on vacation!
As the months passed, I liked Costa Rica more and more; everything was clean, potable water was everywhere, it was very secure and the Ticos were so nice and patient to us. Plus, the women were beautiful, it had ideal climate and incredibly lush vegetation … We rented a large house in Moravia only 10 minutes from downtown and the life was “Pura Vida”! Then it came time to think about how to make money. We met a friend from Québec in San Jose who informed us that an Italian was selling his bar right in the center of the capital. After a few days of negotiations and easy paperwork I decide to buy and suddenly I was the owner of a bar in Costa Rica. We were the ambiance at the time, made from a harmonious blend of Costa Ricans and foreigners in a kind of respectful atmosphere that was exactly what I was looking for such a long time.I had four successful years with my bar in San Jose and a bundle of fun. During this time I moved to Escazu where the weather was way better, and I lived inside a very high-end neighborhood. I also had plenty of spare time back then so I could take advantage of the beauty that Costa Rica had to offer, discovering all the amazing places this small country keeps with so much pride. Even though it was the beginning of a new life I knew then that Costa Rica would become my HOME for the rest of my life!!!! Pura Vida.
To be continued…
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