Playas del Coco Fun Atmosphere!

Since 2020, I have been telling my clients about the high number of visitors in our area during the low season, but I never imagined that Playas del Coco would be so crowded in October and November! In previous years, the streets of our small town were empty, with only a few local Ticos or residents seen walking in the streets or spending time in the shops and bars that remain open at this time of year.

It's truly remarkable to see the crowds in downtown Coco at 3:00 in the afternoon! All the bars and restaurants are buzzing with a carnival-like atmosphere.

Last Friday, I couldn't find anywhere to park my car and ended up finding a spot near the Ocotal intersection, about 200 meters from the actual downtown.

Clearly, the Papagayo region is seeing a significant increase in tourist activity. Businesses that have weathered the tough times since the global pandemic are now entering a very prosperous phase, and all signs indicate that this is just the beginning!

Rental demand has also risen during the low season this year, providing property owners with substantial income from their investments, improving the value of their properties for the first time since 2011. There's a growing interest among new buyers looking to invest in the Papagayo region, alongside continuous improvements in infrastructure.

I encourage you to visit and experience our paradise and the welcoming atmosphere of the area. We are still in a buyer's market; perhaps you can find your own little residential oasis.

Updated February 20, 2024

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