Real Estate Listings in Playa Ocotal Costa Rica

Discover Playa Ocotal: A Coastal Jewel in Guanacaste


Nestled in the North Pacific region of Costa Rica's Guanacaste province, Ocotal offers a picturesque blend of mountains and shoreline.


  • Equestrian Delight: The beach's southern end frequently witnesses horseback riders, especially during late afternoons.
  • Sport Fishing Hub: Ocotal's sport fishing reputation took flight with the establishment of the Ocotal Beach Resort in the early 80s, attracting numerous tourists enchanted by the region's mountainous charm.
  • Accommodation Galore: Today, the hills of Ocotal boast a myriad of ocean view homes, villas, and B&Bs to cater to various preferences.

Beach Activities

Stretching over a third of a mile, Ocotal's volcanic black sand beach is perfect for a range of activities. Whether you fancy snorkeling along the coastline, lounging under shaded trees, or simply enjoying a swim, this beach has it all.


  • Father Rooster: A renowned beachfront establishment, it's the go-to spot for refreshing tropical drinks and delectable grilled fish tacos.
  • Picante Restaurant: Located in the serene Bahia Pez Vela development, it offers a more tranquil dining experience.

Proximity to Playa Del Coco

Just 1.8 miles away, Playa Del Coco is a short drive from Ocotal. This town provides ample dining options, grocery stores, and souvenir shopping.

For those seeking a blend of scenic beauty and vibrant culture, Playa Ocotal is the ideal destination.

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