State of the art technology in Costarican jungle

The thing that I like about living in the Papagayo region is that most of the time you feel like you´re surrounded by a tropical rustic environment. The people are humble and simple, and they live their life in a slow pace compare to the North Americans.

You will see a loose horse in front of a Pulperia (Small store), pigs on the side of the street, Peacocks opening their feathers to females, roosters and chicken mating in Ticos backyard neighborhood etc. However it is amazing how easy it is to get state of the art technology as well. Just here at the Tres Amigos office in Playa Hermosa our secretary Yorleny helps all our clients to get their first cell phone, as well as many other services. Within 24 hours she can get the latest version of the IPhone with an incredible package deal; multiple option and plans including the phone line, internet and text messages. People find it amazing that without even having to go to the phone company you can pick-up your new phone right here in Playa Hermosa at the Tres Amigos office.

We still have cattle crossing the streets, artisanal fisherman bringing fresh fish to your door and Coconut milk from a little booth at the beach. However we also get Fiber optic at the beach with up to 100 mega/bytes of internet speed which is quite impressive for a tropical region like ours. Some friends of mine can even answer their door bell from the states and open their gate directly from their cell phone or activate and program their alarm as they wish, with a push of the button back home.

I love where I live mostly because I feel like it is still like it was when I came 33 years ago with the only difference that I can get whatever I want between old Costa Rican traditions to fancy and modern life! It truly is the best of both worlds.

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