Is There Property Financing in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica offers various financing options for property purchases if cash payment is not preferred.

Options for Financing Property in Costa Rica

  1. Bank Financing:
    • While banks in Costa Rica do provide financing to residents, securing a loan for foreigners can be challenging. Requirements include a local bank account, income verification, national/international credit checks, and a bank-approved home appraisal (paid by the borrower).
    • The process is bureaucratic, with less efficiency compared to North American standards.
    • Local mortgage terms may not be as favorable due to higher interest rates, substantial down payments, and shorter loan periods, taking up to three months for processing.
  2. Home-Equity Loan:
    • Obtaining a home-equity loan on your primary residence in your home country allows you to approach a Costa Rican real estate purchase as a cash buyer.
    • This option often comes with better interest rates, considering the relatively high rates in Costa Rica (around 9%).
  3. Owner Financing:
    • Some homeowners may offer partial financing on their property, typically requiring 40-50% cash down, with the remaining balance amortized over 30 years at around 7% interest, and a balloon payment due within 3-5 years.
  4. Mortgage Broker:
    • Recently introduced to the local market, mortgage brokers enable buyers to secure financing through international lenders.
    • Providing U.S. tax information, income reports, and a credit check is mandatory.
    • This option may offer very high interest rates but a quicker loan approval.

P.S. Another avenue for acquiring your dream property in Costa Rica involves utilizing a Self-Directed IRA. Many U.S. citizens are unaware that they can convert their existing IRA or 401k into a self-controlled IRA. The process is straightforward, usually completed in less than 30 days. Numerous individuals in the U.S.A. have successfully purchased homes or condos in Costa Rica using this method over the past few years.

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