What to do with the kids in the region of Papagayo?

The Costa Rican "Spring Break" spans a 2-week period in July. Students here are fond of visiting many of the beaches we're fortunate to have in abundance. This year, my eldest daughter Bianca, who resides in Atenas near San Jose, came to see us in Guanacaste, especially her little sister Samantha, who is almost 3 years old.

The main draws of the "Gold Coast" are its stunning beaches and ideal weather. Thanks to being a central spot for tourists and having a sizeable local community, we boast excellent infrastructure. This allows for a wide range of activities without the need for long drives or extensive travel.

Here's what we did:

Our inaugural activity was a trip to the Monkey Farm in Ocotal. Besides monkeys, we encountered various farm animals, including peacocks, pigs, horses, birds, rabbits, and likely others I'm forgetting. We even captured photos of Samantha on her first horse ride, looking as if she was riding solo.

The following day, we headed to the Liberia mall. At its center, there's a vast playground with rubber and cushioned flooring, letting kids play freely and safely. For Samantha, this was an immense world, and she was thrilled by every part of the park, akin to Disneyland for her!

On the third day, we watched "Ice Age 4" in 3D, which I believe is the best in the series so far! Our little beach community of Playa Hermosa features a very modern movie theater, offering another cool and unique option not commonly found at other beaches.

On the fourth day, we embarked on a catamaran named “Vision” for a sailing tour. The “Vision” features two large platforms, one covered and the other open-air. A DJ played music, and all 90 passengers danced and enjoyed themselves throughout the boat. Besides dancing, we saw manta rays, went snorkeling near a white sand beach called Playa Huevos, and explored a couple of natural tunnels/caverns, emerging on the other side of the peninsula.

Within four days, we engaged in all these activities and could have explored even more sights and attractions. We might have taken a river tour to see crocodiles, tropical birds, reptiles, and more monkeys. Nearby are numerous breathtaking waterfalls. We could have visited Rincon de la Vieja, our nearest volcano, to enjoy the thermal waters, mud baths, or a natural sauna for detoxification. Other options included horseback riding, zip lining, jet skiing, fishing, off-roading, hiking, biking, paddle boarding, and more. The Papagayo Region, our home area, offers endless activities and attractions. Whether you're a resident or a tourist, you can enjoy the tranquil tropical atmosphere, embark on limitless adventures, or visit many local attractions, all conveniently located near home. The choice—and pace—is yours.

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