Costa Rica Independence Day

Like every year, September 15 is the day of the celebration of the independence of Costa Rica. The main attraction of this day are parades choir with various academic institutions composed of dancers, drums, large varieties of musicians, all dressed in costumes patriotic colors. Since it is the rainy season in Guanacaste event starts early in the morning when thousands of Costa Ricans meet in Liberia to celebrate this day of Independence.At 8:00am accompanied by my family we decided to go to Liberia to attend this celebration and with less than 30 minutes from Playa Hermosa, we were in Liberia alongside to the street listening to the beat of drums, harps, trumpets , saxophones that sounded as loud as possible to attract the attention of tens of thousands of spectators sitting on either side of the main street in Liberia!It was amazing to see all these young people given all the have under a heat of 32 ° where each group had one person in charge with a cooler full of cold drinks to hydrated the participants who were sweating profusely however, we could observe their motivations to look good to the public and on behalf of the Nation!

Although this event is rich in sounds and colors, very folkloric too, there were no tourists, only Costa Ricans proud of their roots of a free and happy country. As special guests, there was a group from Nicaragua that have joined and brought their two cents to the parade for more than four hours offering us a good time and it was the first patriotic event for our 9 month s daughter Samantha!

When the event was over we had a good lunch in Liberia and before the tropical storm began we were already in Playa Hermosa to get ready to go to a anniversary party for children’s located very close to our house.

At the end of the day, Samantha was very happy and so were we as parents for spending a holyday together as is always the case on a special day in Costa Rica.

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