Extreme Green Season

Barely two weeks ago, everyone in the region was commenting on the lack of rain we have had this year, but they forget about Septembre and October. The rains of the last four days have been considerable and it could last until November 15!!!!
I love this time of year, the Real green season; everything is green as broccoli, the air is cool and the evenings remind us of the climate of San Jose with nights of 22 °!! It´s amazing how thin you blood becomes after you lived several years at the beach. I can hardly take a dip in the pool after 6pm because I find myself shivering when I get out of the water. However, the ocean is actually warmer during our two months of tropical rains and the beaches are basically deserted as very few people visit our area during September and October however residents seems to be amazed at the beautiful surroundings, the density of nature and wild animals and especially the singing birds which are savoring this time of abundance vegetation, water and freshness !!!!
An abundance of rain is not really a problem when it’s hot; personally I feel great during this time of the year but human beings are never satisfied. I will surely soon begin to complain of the excessive rain desperately hoping the dry season to come. It lasts more than 6 months and arriving in April I will cry out loud once again for rain, it is like that every year, we can´t help but complain about the temperature, it’s inevitable!!
Another nice moment during the rainy season is that you can dress up with jeans and a long sleeve shirt that changes the routine of wearing the eternal shorts and mandatory light clothing in summer! Last night we had diner outside; we were all wearing pants without feeling the heat that we normally have the rest of the year.
Definitely the season of tropical rains can be annoying for a tourist but for us residents and Costa Ricans it is a nicest time of the year. A little bit like when spring arrives in Canada and everyone throws a big smile and puts us all in a good mood!!!
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